Question Paper

Question Paper

Chapterwise Test ; History : Nasism and Rise of Hitler

Class IX                 Date : ———————————  name :————————————————————————————–

Answer all questions   .5 mark each

1              Name the powers  participated in the World War –I .

2              What was the impact of the World War on political structure of Germany ?

3              When was the Peace Treaty  signed ?

4              What is the another name of German Parliament ?

5              When did the Great Economic depression came ? Which countries did it affect?

6              Where did Hitler die?

7              What are Allied Powers ?

8              What are Axis powers ?

9              What do you mean by Auschwitz?

10            What is the name of German parliament ?


Answer in about  30-50 words each  2 marks each

  • What were the causes of the World War II ?
  • When and why did the USA enter the World War –II ?
  • What do you mean by Nazi ideology ?
  • What were the results of the Treaty of Versailees within the state of Germany?
  • Who were mockingly called November Criminals ?

Long Answer in about 100 words   3 marks each

  • Illustrate Schools under Hitler’s rule ?
  • How did Hitler destroy the democracy in Germany ?
  • Why Nazism became polpular in Germany ?
  • What were peculiar features of Nazism?






Chapterwise Test ; History : Age of Industrialization

Class – X               Date  12/11/2018                       Name :————————————————————————————–

Answer all  questions

Answer in about  30-50 words each  2 marks each

  • What is Industrial Revolution ?
  • What is Proto- Industrialisation ?
  • Diffentiate between rural and urban areas.
  • Do the hand labour workers support the technology?
  • Which type of factories were set up in India during 1861 or1874 ?
  • How the entrepreneur of industries earned money?
  • Write the three things through which goods were expanded
  • Why did some industrialists in nineteenth-century Europe prefer hand labour over machines?
  • How did the East India Company procure regular supplies of cotton and silk textiles from Indian weavers?
  • Why did industrial production in India increase during the First World War?

Long Answer in about 100 words   3 marks each

  • Write the peculiarities of industrial growth ?
  • How many workers were there in 1901 and 1946 & from where did they come ?
  • Illustrate East India company & the conditions of Gomasthas and benefits of F.I.C ?

















Chapterwise Test : Grammar & Writing

Class – VIII          Date  12/11/2018                       Name :————————————————————————————–

Q1           Write a letter to your pen friend who lives in the USA  telling her/him how you celebrated Diwali .

Q2           Remove ‘too’ _

  1. He is too weak to walk .
  2. There were too poor to buy a car

Q3           Rewriting  using ‘too’

  1. She is so small that she can not read .
  2. They were so proud that they could not beg

Q3           Rewrite the direct speech as reported speech to complete the sentences.
Top of Form

  1. ‘I’ll send you a postcard.’ He told us that he                          us a postcard.
  2. ‘We’ve bought a new car.’ They told me they                       a new car.
  3. ‘I don’t speak German.’ She said that she                            German.
  4. ‘You failed your art exam.’ You said that we                        our art exam.
  5. “Who teaches you English ?”He asked me                              drive.
  6. “Did you buy a car yesterday ?” She asked me
  7. “I was not aware of the fact .” He said that                               .


Q4      Change into passive voice

The Government is planning a new road near my house

`              1              My grandfather built this house in 1943


2              Picasso was painting Guernica at that time.



3              The cleaner has cleaned the office.



4              He had written three books before 1867.



Q5      Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition

  1. Peter is playing tennis —— Sunday.
  2. My brother’s birthday is ——————— the 5th of November
  3. My brother is —————– May.
  4. We are going to my parents ———— the weekend.
  5. ——— 1966 , a great fire broke out in London.
  6. I don’t like walking alone in the streets ————-
  7. My friends have been living in Canada ———— two years .
  8. I will have finished the essay ——————– Friday.



Q6      Fill in the blanks with suitable  articles ( or the )

Ever since she burst into —–scene by making it to the 1980 Moscow Olympics as —–16- year old, P.T. Usha’s tall deeds have exemplified Indian sporting excellence. The spirit queen was so consistent for well over —– decade that she was truly ——– flag bearer who helped countrymen live the dream of rare sporting excellence in ——- international arena. Hailing from —— remote village called Payyoli, Usha became ——icon for sport lovers. She made —— nation swell with pride, every time she stepped on to the track. She gave unalloyed joy to her fans when she became —— first Indian woman to make —— Olympic





Chapterwise Test : Grammar & Writing

Class – IX             Date  12/11/2018                       Name :————————————————————————————–

  • Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition

Usha’s greatest moment was also the most shattering —— her life as she was pushed to—— the fourth place ——- the 400 metres hurdles final ——- the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The Romanian Christina Cojocaru won the bronze medal. Usha lost ——an agonizing 1/100th of a second. But every Indian household acknowledge the sense —– achievement, though it fell shot of India’s first Olympic medal ——- the track. Several girls born during the 1980s were named after the golden girl. It serves as an eloquent testimony ——the love and affection many people had ——-Usha.

  • I)In each of the following sentences supply a verb in agreement with its subject:
  1. Fifteen minutes ________________ allowed to each speaker.
  2. Each of the suspected men ________________ arrested.
  3. The formation of paragraphs ____________________ vry important.
  4. The committee ________________ issued its report.
  5. The United States _________________ a big navy.
  6. Mathematics __________________ a brand of study in every school.
  7. Many a man ____________________ succumbed to this temptation.
  8. Honour and glory _____________________ his reward.
  9. Sanskrit as well as Arabic, ________________taught them.
  10. A good man and useful citizen ________________ passed away.

3                  Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with modals – Will / Shall , Would/ Should or Can/Could.

  1. She told me that she was unwell so she………..not go to office.
  2. The visitors ………..not carry eatables with them in the hotel.
  3. As he is in dire need of money, we……………help him immediately.
  4. …………… please lend me your book for a week?
  5. His son is not so brilliant in his studies but he………….pass the examination.
  6. I ………be thankful to you if you help me at this time of need.
  7. Drive fast lest you……………miss the flight.
  8. ……………you like to accompany us to the market tomorrow?
  9. The lady has grown so old that she ……..not walk without a stick.
  10. Had he worked hard, he ………..have passed the examination.


















Chapterwise Test : Science  :Chapter  3rd



Chapterwise Test : Science  :Chapter  3rd

Class – IX             Date  12/11/2018                       Name :————————————————————————————–

Time :  1  hours                                                                                 MM     20

Answer the following questions

  • State the laws of chemical combination with a suitable example .                  3 marks
  • State the four postulates of Dalton’s atomic theory and one limitation of that theory . 3 marks
  • How do atom exist?
  • Define (a) molecule  ( 2) ion  (3)  atomicity                                                        1
  • Write latin names and symbol of given element – sodium, potassium, Iron, Copper, 4 marks
  • Write down the formulae of (a) Magnesium hydroxide 9b) Aluminium  Sulphate (c) Sodium Sulphate ( d) Calcium Chloride                                                             4 marks













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